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Build the right thing for your business and users

FlatCube is a UX Design consultancy agency.

We give you ways to design your product to solve the core problem for your users, so you can build a strong foundation for growth.

Apply our Product Discovery method to see your business idea become successful and meet your users' expectations.

Your users are your secret weapon. Listen to them. Solve their problems.

If you meet your user’s expectations and delight them, you will be the leader in your space. Take the right path: build a product that users love.

Learn how to confidently define the roadmap for your features, gain clarity into the real priorities, and go to market with a successful product.

Why Product Discovery is mandatory

Companies that invest in Product Discovery and have a precise market fit are more likely to be successful. Product Discovery cuts the risk of failure by 75% and increases the chance of success by 59%, according to NN Group.

Product Discovery opens your road to success by solving the correct problems and positioning your product the right way in your users’ eyes. It is critical to determine your Product Market Fit – how your product fulfills the market need.

How can we help?

We give you the methodologies to identify your product market fit and reduce the risks around what features you decide to build.

Our process helps refine your ideas by deeply understanding the market and user needs and connecting them to your business idea and vision.

By leveraging our expertise you will identify the best way to solve complex problems for your users and your business. Ultimately, we help by pushing your product to the market with the right strategies.

Product Discovery

We support you in identifying where your product sits in the eyes of the users through
product-market fit identification.

Go-to-Market Strategy

We outline your go-to-market strategy with demand generation programs via inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.