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Case Study: Empathy Maps for a B2C mobile app

In a recent project, we were tasked with understanding more about the users of a B2C mobile app. To better understand the needs and experiences of the app’s users, we created empathy maps using insights gained from user interviews.


Our client faced the challenge of creating a user-friendly B2C app that could deliver a positive and engaging experience. However, to do so, they needed to understand their users’ emotions, thoughts, motivations, and pain points. We have decided to suggest them doing user interviews and empathy maps.


To create the empathy maps for the B2C app, we conducted user research using qualitative methods, such as interviews and observation. We gathered information about the users’ behaviors, needs, and preferences and used this information to create empathy maps for each user.

After creating the empathy maps for each user, we combined them to create empathy maps for user segments. This allowed us to identify common patterns and insights across different groups of users. By doing so, we prioritized the design solutions that would significantly impact the user experience.


Creating empathy maps was a critical part of the design process for the B2C mobile app. These maps helped us to understand the users’ needs and experiences and ensured that the app was designed with the users in mind. Our empathy maps contributed to the app’s success, providing a solid foundation for ongoing user-centered design efforts.