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Flat Cube: Empowering Growth with the right UX and Business Strategy

After years of working in tech companies and witnessing many growth initiatives fail due to a lack of understanding of user experience (UX), I realized that something needed to change. 

That’s why we founded Flat Cube – to support companies in starting their growth process in the correct order by first understanding the user, defining the actual problems, and then coming up with solutions. Only then can companies achieve a natural, beautiful, and practical design that solves problems and facilitates growth.

Without UX, marketing (and UI) is like a building without a foundation.

Over time, I have noticed that many companies were desperate to hire marketing directors, lead generation experts, and growth hackers, thinking they could solve the growth problem with marketing. However, they were missing the true path to solving issues: UX – understanding users and their problems. Now, companies are hiring UI/UX designers, thinking that problems can be solved with pixel-perfect designs, but still, the importance of UX strategy is often overlooked.

Our team at The Flat Cube Agency comprises UX strategy, research, design, and development experts dedicated to helping companies achieve their growth goals. We believe that by investing in UX strategy and doing the foundational work up front, companies can save time and money in the long run and build a product or service that genuinely resonates with their users.


Flat Cube’s mission is to help companies transform their business growth with UX strategy. By putting the user first and focusing on the foundational work, we believe that businesses can achieve sustainable development and solve real problems.

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