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Case Study: Empowering Companies to Tackle Complex Challenges through Workshops

Our case study highlights our ability to provide companies with workshop frameworks and hands-on training for identifying and solving complex problems.


A mobile app technology company was facing a challenge in effectively communicating and collaborating on their vision and strategy.

The company had primarily used asynchronous methods of communication, which often led to misunderstandings and confusion.


Flat Cube was contracted to create and implement a framework that would enhance collaboration among teams. Our role involved facilitating a series of workshops aimed at promoting collaboration and communication. These workshops covered topics such as developing User Personas, identifying user problems, generating ideas, and prioritizing those ideas.

We utilized classic methods, such as Post-Up exercises and Brainwriting, to encourage full participation and collaboration during the workshops, thus making sure that they are adopted as a standard methodology of communicating when problem-solving.

Post-Up Workshop Facilitation Technique

The Post-Up workshop activity involves individual participants writing their thoughts or ideas on sticky notes, which are then posted on a wall. The posted notes are then reviewed, recorded, shared, or utilized as a starting point for further exercises.

This basic workshop activity serves as the foundation for many other workshop exercises and is widely applicable across various scenarios.

Ideation Workshop

Brainwriting Workshop Facilitation

Brainwriting is a method of generating ideas where individuals write down their thoughts silently in response to a prompt, without verbal discussion. This approach encourages full participation, leading to a large number of ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

One of the benefits of Brainwriting is that it enables all participants to contribute their ideas at the same time, resulting in a faster generation of ideas.

Additionally, Brainwriting is a more inclusive technique for idea generation as it provides equal opportunity for everyone to share their thoughts and perspectives.


Thanks to the workshops facilitated by Flat Cube, the mobile app technology company now has a framework to solve difficult problems and a better understanding of the needs of their users.

The successful implementation of the workshops resulted in a heightened level of team empowerment and a clearer understanding of the company’s business direction.